Friday, March 11, 2011

Auto blogging make fast money?

If you blog, you will know that this is no quick fix to earning a lot of money. I have been blogging for over a year, and after faithfully pasting information onto my blog week after week, it is only now showing up on page one of the search engines. Although this blog is in a competitive niche, with careful planning and research, you could get your blog to rank a lot faster than I did.

As I thoroughly enjoy my blogs, I am not complaining as life is all about doing what you are passionate about. In this way I didn't mind the fact that it was only bringing in pennies each month. Since hitting page one of Google, I have seen a sudden boost in my traffic and have made about $75 sales in the last two months.

Now I have proved to myself that you can make money by blogging. I am in no way saying that this will make your rich overnight, but think of the potential if you had say twenty successful blogs running at the same time. This is where you may need help. The term for running a lot of blogs at once is called autoblogging. There is an easier method and that is autoblogging, where your content gets automatically posted onto your blog.

I bought myself a great autoblogging course on the internet last year and this has helped me to get another six blogs set up, which are now starting to get traffic. It is hard work to set them up, and there is a learning curve, but learning to use Wordpress is the best thing that I have ever done.

The course was amazing as it taught me exactly how to set up my blogs, what pluggins to use, how to get ranked on Google really quickly and most important how to get unique content fed to your blog on a permanent basis, so you don't have to spend each and every waking minute typing articles for your blog I wish that I had known all this a year ago, and by now I think I would have a blogging empire going all on my own.

If you know the secrets, it is possible to run many blogs at the same time. The key to success is to make sure your blog offers value to its readers. Rather spend a little more time setting up your blog properly and get it ranked highly in the search engines so that you can enjoy profits for years to come.